The short story: Jennifer Barger is a local singer-songwriter to the North Georgia area. Inspired by many artists and things in life, her original style of writing falls into the genres of folk, Americana, and easy listening. Some musical influences include Alison Krauss, The Wailin Jennys, Keith Harkin, Priscilla Ahn and Jim Croce (to name just a few). In 2014, after a childhood filled with the love of music, Jennifer officially began her music journey and over the years she has stayed local performing at venues all over the North GA area, writing music, recording, and collaborating with other local artists. After performing with her sister as a duo for three years (2016-2019), she is now focusing on developing her own style and groove in the local music scene and is focusing on writing and collaborating on music projects with fellow musicians and friends.

The long story: Ever since she was a toddler, Jennifer sang and danced around the house daily. Her mom says “She sang before she talked and danced before she walked!”. From the age of 3 to mid teens she danced ballet, tap, modern, jazz, and hip-hop; dancing was her favorite thing! Between the ages of 7 and 8 music started to really “click”. Her oldest sister taught her piano and by listening to her siblings sing, she learned harmonies. She started guitar lessons when she was 10 with her (now) brother-in-law. From there she taught herself the ukulele, and began her journey with voice lessons in a local music store with the most AMAZING teacher! Voice lessons taught what her voice was capable of and she learned techniques that she’ll carry on throughout her career!

In 2014 Jennifer began learning how to record at home with the desire and in the attempt to get a lot done and to produce some videos for YouTube as well, but life got super busy during 2014-2016, so music stayed kind of stagnant, though she kept learning and practicing. In 2016 she and her sister were asked to join a singing competition. The “duo” was then created (Jenny&Sky) and they competed and made it to the finals at the first ever Madlife Stage & Studios Undiscovered Artists Showcase. It was so special and they met some amazing people through that experience! From there they have performed together all over Canton nd the North GA area and local music scene. Again, life got busy and music was, again, put on pause during 2017. In 2017 Jennifer decided to truly focus on song writing and getting a schedule made for her goals and ideas for music. Getting in the studio throughout 2017 with Highbeams on some original music and some collaborations (check out “Window” by Highbeams ft. Jenny&Sky on YouTube!!) was one inspiring venture. Though musically 2017 seemed slow, things were in the works on getting music ready for the world. In 2018, Jenny & Sky released their debut EP titled “Nonsense” by Jenny&Sky, and that was such a fun process! It taught them so much.


Now, after a couple years of uncertainty with what direction to go with my music, I am beyond ready to get more original music finished and recorded, covers and collaborative videos made and posted, and more of my heart on my sleeve when it comes to my true passion; music. Everything about it is inspiring, encouraging, motivating and beautiful. The desire I have is to share this deep love and passion with others and hope that it brings them joy! Thank you for joining me on this journey to finding my sound, creating ideas and dreams and seeing them become reality! Slowly but surely, starting small and going up from here, I am so grateful for all I’ve been able to do this far and all those who have helped and encouraged along the way. This is a passion and a hobby more so than anything, and a gift I believe the Lord has given me to share. I ask the Lord to continue to be my guide today and everyday to do His will and honor Him through music as I continue this journey of continuously learning about myself and this craft that means so much to me. Here’s to today and to the future…the best is yet to come!